Issue branded, secure, and  verifiable digital certificates on blockchain

Chaincerts platform allow you to create  digital certificates for your candidates that undergo your education and training certificates . A unique certificate ID is generated and written to the distributed ledger. Records of creation, ownership and renewals can be attached with the digital certificate. 
Custom branded certificates with your own logo and brand guide. Look professional with the good looking certificates.  
Platform providers multiple delivery tools to deliver the certificate on social media, email or PDF format. 
All the records are stored in the smart contracts on the distributed ledger ensuring all the records are immutable and independently verifiable. Encryption of the data in transit and at rest means all your data is hacker-proof. . 
Physical Certificates​
Chaincerts certificates can co-exist with the physical paper based certificates. Infact, it allows you to print directly from the platform. 

Develop credibility of your certificates in the industry

The majority of credentials are still paper-based systems. This makes them expensive to maintain and easy to counterfeit. In today’s world the access to the advanced printing technologies has become easier than ever, which has resulted in a risk of forgery to the professional certificates. The increasing instances of counterfeiting and forgery has eroded some of the trust in the industry on professional credentials. 

In addition to guarantee the authenticity of the certificate or credential, the issuer must retain a central register of all the issued certificates/credentials.  However, these certificate registries are not only single points of failures but also expensive to maintain, resulting in slow and arduous verification process.

Chaincerts platform elegantly solves both of these problems for the issuer and put more control in the hands of certificate holder. It sets the issuing organization apart and create more credibility of the credentials issued using the Chaincerts platform. 

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