Protect the authenticity and record of ownership of your artwork

Chaincerts platform allow you to create a secure digital certificates for your artwork. A unique certificate ID is generated and written to the distributed ledger. Records of creation, ownership and appraisal can be attached with the digital certificate. 
Develop long term value of your art by prevent ingenuine copies of your art and easy verification during resale.  
Comply with the open standard of art verification and certification
Tag your artwork with the secure RFID, inventory codes or anything else in your database
Physical Certificates​
Chaincerts certificates can co-exist with the physical paper based certificates. Infact, it allows you to print directly from the platform. 

Create confidence in your brand 

Art and collectibles industry has  a bad reputation for counterfeiting and ingenuity, which has hurt many artist for many decades. Chaincerts  platform allow you to solve this problem by creating secure authenticity certificates on the block-chain along with the record of creation, ownership and sale of the collectible

Ability to verify these certificates online instills the confidence in the buyer for your art and hence the brand. 

An easy to use interface hides the complexities of the blockchain in the background and allow you to create secure certificates with just few clicks. 

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